New Tor bridge types for Operation Envoy

In July of last year (2023) we launched Operation Envoy, our effort to deliver packets to and from the Tor network which helps defeat Internet censorship. This is achieved by Unredacted operating Tor bridges, also known as Pluggable Transports. Tor bridges obfuscate (bridge) the connection a user makes when connecting to Tor so that it… Continue reading New Tor bridge types for Operation Envoy

A year in review (2023)

From our humble beginnings in 2015, to now (almost 2024), we’ve undergone many significant changes in the almost 9 years of our existence. We’ve established ourselves as a legitimate organization that is on a mission to fight Internet censorship, and provide various services to individuals & organizations seeking privacy and security. In 2023, a lot… Continue reading A year in review (2023)

Introducing FreeSocks, proxies that circumvent censorship

Easy censorship circumvention We despise censorship and human (& animal) rights abuses, and it’s time to fight back. In addition to Operation Envoy, our effort to provide stable and performant anti-censorship Tor bridges and snowflake proxies, we’re launching FreeSocks. FreeSocks is a free and open proxy service that aims provide an alternative to individuals that… Continue reading Introducing FreeSocks, proxies that circumvent censorship

Operation Envoy: Defeating Censors

Operation background Accessing the uncensored Internet in some countries has never been so difficult. Internet censorship is rising across the world, and content filtering is becoming more difficult to circumvent as technology and censors evolve. Even in countries you wouldn’t expect. However the worst offenders are the ones you would typically suspect, China, Russia and… Continue reading Operation Envoy: Defeating Censors