About Us

Unredacted is a non-profit organization that provides free and open services that help people evade censorship and protect their right to privacy.

We are incorporated as Unredacted Inc in the state of Delaware.


Zach (Director)

Zach is a cypherpunk, Linux enthusiast and open source supporter who created Unredacted to help others evade Internet censorship and protect their right to privacy. He believes that information should be free, and with access to it can help build a better world.

K (Media Director)

K is a huge supporter of Unredacted’s mission. Her love and art talent helps Unredacted thrive.

Our Mission & Ethics

  • Operate with transparency, morality and empathy with the purpose of benefiting all living beings.
  • Run services for anyone to use that are free, open source, secure and privacy friendly.
  • Provide educational resources and assistance to peaceful individuals and organizations who seek to evade censorship and practice their right to free speech and expression.