We have shirts!

If you want to support your local privacy friendly service operator, you can do so in style by getting a high quality T-Shirt made to order, just for you.

In an effort to raise funds for Operation Envoy expansion and other exciting future projects, we’ve decided to create our very own Unredacted T-Shirts! We call them Neo, because they’re ‘New’ to us and to all of our supporters. The shirts come in 2 varieties;

Visit our merch shop to view our stock, or click the links above. We plan on making more shirts, and possibly other items in the future.

If you get a shirt, be sure to share it on social media and we’ll repost you to show our appreciation.

Twitter (X): twitter.com/unredacted_org
Mastodon: mastodon.social/@unredacted_org

Unredacted has wares, if you have coin. 🙂

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