What do your donations to Unredacted do?

Unredacted is an organization with origins dating back to 2015, that was formed to provide free & open privacy/security preserving services to the people of the world. We now fly under our parent company, Universal Layer, which provides various services (primarily IPv4 leasing), but we haven’t changed a bit.

To fund our operations, we accept donations from generous benefactors that would like to see the continuation and nourishment of our project & services. Donations allow us to pay for infrastructure, domains, and time.

What do we provide?

In 2015, under the name Crypto World, we created XMPP.is; a large XMPP/Jabber server trusted by thousands of users to communicate securely and privately on the federated XMPP network. We also ran Tor relays and miscellaneous projects.

Since then, we’ve changed our name to Unredacted, and expanded our operations. We created a free and public Matrix server, which is a popular alternative to XMPP. We also started hosting Tor exit relays among expanding our existing Tor infrastructure (bridges and guard/middle relays).

In the future, we continue to expand and add more and more services, and expand our existing ones with additional funding.

Why do we need donations?

Simply put, we need money to run our services. Domains, hosting and time all cost money. While we’ve done our work for free, and had no expectation of payment for time, we still need to pay the monthly bills. Our Tor infrastructure is particularly expensive, as it requires fast servers and networks.

How your donations help us

Your generous donations help us alleviate the personal burden of having to pay hundreds of dollars a month for our services. For years, we covered bills on our own, but through many generous donations we’ve been able to run portions of infrastructure solely on donation money.

If you would like to help us out, please consider making a donation!